Better Electronic Surveillance Collaboration for the UK and its Allies


Published 14th September 15

3SDL has signed a licence agreement with Dstl’s technology transfer company, Ploughshare Innovations Limited, for Collaborative Electronic Support Measures Operations (CESMO) software.

CESMO HUB V6 will be the first operational version of the software package that allows the UK and its allies in NATO to share standardised but vital Electronic Surveillance (ES) data in near-real-time (NRT). Connecting easily with ground, air and maritime systems using existing networks, CESMO HUB provides a simple, quick and effective way of integrating systems to the CESMO standard (NATO STANAG 4658), which enables radar and communications emitters to be efficiently triangulated by networked sensors. The resultant positions are shared for NRT platform protection, and to improve the mission commanders’ situational awareness. CESMO HUB is already used by electronic warfare (EW) development teams in many nations for research and experiments.

Designed for ease of integration, James Kirby, CEO of Dstl’s intellectual property licencing arm Ploughshare Innovations, said:

We selected 3SDL because of its EW software capability and excellent knowledge of international procurement. We believe that 3SDL will be able to ensure that CESMO HUB is accessible to all, affordable and well supported for the next 10 years and beyond.

In response, 3SDL’s Chairman, Dibble Clark, spoke about his company’s licencing of the UK MOD’s software:

“This is a large investment and financial commitment for 3SDL. We really believe in this capability and relish the chance to help deploy something that could be used by so many nations to improve sharing of EW intercepts in a timely manner. It really is bringing modern data networking to the 21st century battlefield.”

3SDL will be formally launching CESMO HUB V6 at DSEI, ExCel London 15-18 September at stand S10-451 where it will be presenting live CESMO capability demonstrations.

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