Bringing people together to deliver impact from innovations.

Ploughshare is the catalyst that brings communities together to enable the success of our ventures. We work across the full spectrum of innovators, entrepreneurs, investors, SMEs, corporates, not for profits, and public sector organisations to unlock innovation and get it into the hands of users.

Our people

Our team includes some of the UK’s brightest brains in business as well as top scientists and engineers, so we’re well-qualified to identify wider uses for the technology we license and seek out the right investment partners.

Our history

Ploughshare was established to take on the increasing commercialisation activities being conducted by the Defence Science and Technology Laboratory (Dstl).

Our Purpose

Utilising UK government science, we make change happen. From the small innovations to those that change our day to day, our work delivers prosperity to the economy, the environment and our society.


Be part of the change. The best technology is going nowhere without the right people. 

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