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With multinational banks as one of its biggest clients, the City of London Police is helping to keep our money and data safe and is providing free cyber protection to SMEs and charities. The team, called Cyber Griffin, uses a unique cyber security tool developed by the Defence Science and Technology Laboratory (Dstl) to support them in protecting the public and organisations from cyber-crime.



  • Dstl licenses CDCAT cyber risk assessment software to APMG International in XX, City of London’s Cyber crime unit take it on in 2020.



  • Cyber security vulnerability assessment
  • Cyber security diagnostics
  • Cyber protection
  • Victim support



  • Helping to keep money and data safe through its work with multinational banks
  • Providing free cyber protection to SMEs and charities
  • Helping to lessen the impact of cyber-crime on victims

CDCAT has taken our service and made it more effective, so we can really excel. CDCAT gives our clients a pathway to improve their systems and they’re getting all this for free

DC David Humphries, City of London Police Cyber Griffin representative


The Story

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Originally developed by Dstl, CDCAT® combines the strengths of multiple cyber security controls to deliver advanced cyber security assessments.

In licensing CDCAT® we sought to maximise the contribution it could bring to the product portfolio of a UK business, as well as the impact it could have to improve the cyber defences of governments, businesses and critical national infrastructure worldwide. The successful license was APMG International, selected due to their reputation as a leading provider of cyber security training accreditation, certification, and consulting services.

Since taking on CDCAT, APMG has advanced the underlying technology even further, extending its capabilities to turn it into a commercially viable product suitable for today’s cyber threat landscape. The new software combines the original innovative technology and verifiable scientific data to deliver a robust platform for APMG’s world-leading cyber security services.

In 2019, APMG supplied The City of London Police’s Cyber Griffin team with CDCAT® with the aim to provide free cyber security and protection to many SMEs and small charities in the Square Mile.

As it transpired, the first to seek Cyber Griffin’s assistance were two multinational banks where CDCAT® was deployed to help them keep their systems safe by identifying weak spots and suggesting mitigation strategies. Cyber Griffin has also provided the intended free support to SMEs and charities who would not otherwise be able to afford such a robust cyber security review.

In describing the benefits of CDCAT® Cyber Griffin representative and Detective Constable, David Humphries says: “CDCAT has taken our service and made it more effective, so we can really excel. We used to just advise on good policy and practice but now we have actual evidence within the reports. CDCAT gives our clients a pathway to improve their systems and they’re getting all this for free, from a policing service. Our clients across SMEs and charities and banks know that we’re working in their best interests because we have no ulterior motive, because we’re not trying to sell them something.

“We’ve got a series of glowing testimonials and, in the long term, having this evidence-based backbone means they have something to work from, to improve their systems over a long period of time if need be.

“It’s also helped our reputation on cyber-crime because in the past we’ve not had money or people to send for cyber-crime training when we’ve got other policing priorities at hand. We’ve historically been a little bit on the back foot where cyber is concerned but with CDCAT we’re starting to catch up with the big technical leads in this field. More people and businesses now trust us when it comes to dealing with cyber-crime.”

The Technology

Described by APMG as “the most powerful operational risk assessment service ever created”, the Cyber Defence Capability Assessment Tool (CDCAT®) is a software tool that measures the effectiveness of an organisation’s cyber defences and gives users the ability to evaluate cyber security risks and to identify and prioritise improvements.

Inputs from commercial, military, and intelligence sources from around the world including NATO, ISO 27000, and leading independent bodies are included in CDCAT®. It combines these to generate a comprehensive set of standards which address multiple aspects of cyber risk management.

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  • Investment in improving cyber defence can be made in the right places – based on real, comprehensive evidence
  • Assessments can be performed on any organisation – regardless of size, systems, risk or any other context
  • Quickly assess the effectiveness of implemented controls thanks to the ability to perform assessments rapidly and repeatedly, anytime
  • CDCAT’s intelligence is continuously updated to evolve with continuously evolving cyber threats

Fact file

Licensed to – APMG International
Applications – Cyber security
End user – City of London Police
Innovation – Cyber security assessment software
Sector – Safety and protection

Project Milestones


Defence Science and Technology Laboratory (Dstl) start development work on CDCAT®.


Licensed to APMG International by Ploughshare and Dstl.


APMG supply CDCAT® to The City of London Police Cyber Griffin team.

More information

Click below to visit APMG’s website for more information on CDCAT.


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