ESROE Announced as Latest Ploughshare Spin-out Company


Published 5th July 10

Ploughshare is delighted to introduce ESROE the latest spin-out of technology developed at Dstl.

ESROE Software is the world’s only Commercial, Off-The-Shelf (COTS) software for the real-time identification of radar signatures. The software is designed for a full range of military platforms, from armoured vehicles and UAVs, to large multi-role warships and surveillance aircraft, in all environments. ESROE’s sophisticated classification algorithms are the most accurate available on the market today and are uniquely able to interpret even very uncertain information.Jon Roe, CEO and founder has spent 25 years researching innovative software solutions in the Ministry of Defence (MoD). In addition to his strong technical background Jon has taken a very market led approach with the software’s ability to cater for differing requirements, as the current product range has been devised to suit the requirements for large and small systems:

Using an ‘open systems architecture’ approach based on standard TCP/IP interfaces; equipment manufacturers will be able to licence and embed the ESROE Electronic Warfare processing software which can provide a partial or a complete information processing solution. ESROE also provides library generator solutions to support its products.

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