Arosa Instruments

Arosa Instruments Ltd has licensed personal sampler technology from the Defence Science and Technology Laboratory (Dstl) and the University of Hertfordshire to develop a revolutionary compact personal sampler and real time aerosol (dust) monitor for workplace exposure assessments and air quality studies.

Using Dstl’s patented low flow impedance sampling technology, the CPAS personal sampler combines a sampling head, sample cartridge and airflow management system within an integrated package which is both light weight and convenient to wear. In the CPAM personal monitor, this capability is extended by the addition of a real-time aerosol measurement sensor to allow a temporal record of respirable dust mass concentration (four measurements including PM2.5) over periods up to 8 hours.

Both CPAS and CPAM instruments may be mounted within an individual’s breathing zone, on a lapel or lanyard, without the need for a separate waste mounted pump or connection tube.

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