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Lizzie Akass1

Elizabeth Akass

Content Marketing Manager

In marketing, it’s so important to care about what is going to resonate with your audience. I’ve always had a love and interest in storytelling, in all of its forms. I’m fascinated by what makes people ‘tick’, and what people find engaging and impactful.  

Following two English degrees, I began building my editorial career in publishing, magazines, and events – including working with senior leaders from a wide range of industries to share their organisations’ success stories across a variety of media formats. I then joined an agency as a Content Specialist, where I worked with businesses of all sizes on their marketing content output and strategy. Between these roles and ad hoc freelance work on the side, I’ve lost track of the hundreds of pieces of content I’ve had published! 

As Ploughshare’s Content Marketing Manager, I really appreciate that I’ve gotten to be part of significant transformations in how our information and stories are written and presented, as well as broadening our communications. There is a balance between creativity and strategy that I really enjoy in my role, and I’m excited for the next steps we have planned. 

Outside of work, you will usually find me with friends or family, or when I do have free time, I’ll often be at my laptop writing creatively, working on books, short stories, and poetry, or with a paintbrush in hand trying to improve my art.