The People


Hetti Barkworth-Nanton


I have a career leading financial, commercial and transformational change across large blue-chip organisations, and I am now privileged to be the CEO at Ploughshare and Chair of the Board at Refuge, the largest provider of specialist domestic abuse services in England.

My experience covers the airline, utilities and telecoms industries, and in the last 10 years of her private sector career she brought her expertise and collaborative leadership skills into the telecommunications industry, being responsible for delivering the commercial model for Openreach on its establishment, and the transformation of the Vodafone UK Enterprise business, which works with many of the large UK businesses including public sector such as MOD.

I joined Ploughshare as CEO in 2020, and under my leadership Ploughshare’s impact and presence across the public sector has been elevated as the focus on innovation has increased. Ploughshare was relaunched in September last year and is now focused on maximising the impact for society as a whole from government-owned intellectual property.

My commitment to being a leader of hope has driven our focus on creating an organisation that is diverse and inclusive, and delivers real impact to society. My work with Refuge is equally delivering substantial transformation in an organisation which does inspiring work, but where greater commitment to inclusivity, quality standards, empowerment and partnership working is fundamental.

Outside work, I enjoy long walks in the countryside with my dogs and occasionally reluctant family members, theatre, music and ballet, and good food!