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lindsay smith

Lindsay Smith

Commercialisation Manager

In my role at Ploughshare, I work with innovators to ensure that UK government research delivers significant impact. For me, the best thing about my role is seeing innovations that I have worked on being used in the real world and having a positive impact.  

During my studies, I enjoyed the challenge of deciphering and understanding complex molecular systems. As a postdoctoral researcher, I worked across several research projects in oncology focused on investigating biological mechanisms and developing novel therapies. During my research career, I published over 12 peer-reviewed articles and enjoyed the creativity and entrepreneurial spirit that being at the cutting-edge of science demands.

A move from the bench and into the commercial world was motivated by my desire to work on innovations that were closer to realising their impact. My role as a Technology Transfer Manager at the University of Southampton saw me working with researchers to transition innovations out of the University and into the real world. In this role I worked across several areas, including artificial intelligence, immuno-oncology, regenerative medicine, clinical data, and medical devices. I found leading the commercial journey of innovations and championing their translation through new venture creation, licensing, or otherwise very fulling.

Outside of the office, I am regularly either trail running, cycling, horse riding, or rock climbing. I am always keen to try new things, and last year I took up sailing, which saw a lot of trips around the south coast of the UK and hopefully beyond in the years to come!