The People


Marie Thirlwall

VP Commercialisation – Digital Science

I’ve always been curious. It fascinates me how technology can become symbiotic with people, amplifying our potential and taking over the boring, difficult and dangerous tasks in our lives.

I decided to harness this passion through a career in product management; figuring how to bring new technologies, products and services to market, quickly, easily and affordably to make a difference to the world around us.

Years in the business have made me a seasoned product lead with broad experience managing digital devices, software, live services, and data across the full lifecycle; from inception to retirement. Whilst at Microsoft, I worked in the UK, across EMEA and the US, leading launches, innovations, acquisitions and migrations for Windows mobile devices, Bing search, maps and mobile advertising platforms (MSN, Outlook, and Skype). These product portfolios reached global audiences spanning millions of users and contributed significantly to Microsoft’s emerging revenue growth. More recently, I brought product management to the Ordnance Survey, growing and then leading the product team. At OS, I was at the vanguard of digitally transforming the maps portfolio towards ‘data as services’ with the introduction of the OS Data Hub and new analytical data experiences at the heart of their £1Bn Public Sector Geospatial Agreement.

I’m at my best when working at the heart of thriving, technology ecosystems where forging great partnerships, building trust and delivering at pace wins the day. I love the feeling when you get great user feedback on your latest prototype, ship products or features that delight, win a commercial deal, or spend time in the presence of an inspirational inventor.

At Ploughshare, as VP for Commercialization in Digital and Data, I am working alongside our amazing government scientists and patent attorneys to investigate and develop new routes to market for their exciting early-stage innovations. By collaborating proactively across these science and technology networks we hope to amplify the impact their ideas and inventions can have for our wider public sector, industry, businesses and citizens.