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megan hatton

Megan Hatton

Commercialisation Manager

I have always been attracted to science and technology and how it impacts the way we live our lives.  It likely explains my choices through academia, where I studied Bachelor of Science as an undergraduate which was then complemented by a Masters in Business. I’ve since spent my time in industry in technical environments, thriving in project delivery and new product development.

Being involved in the research community and leading the process to transfer new ideas into applications makes me feel proud. It gets real products onto the shelf for consumers and it means we are improving lives for others. As a Commercialisation Manager in Safety & Protection, this often delivers advanced defence systems for our armed forces and enhanced security of civilians. Working towards a bigger picture and contributing something meaningful is what really motivates me.

Having developed specialisms across defence and security, engineering and manufacturing, I have taken many new products to market and seen inventions transform into accessible commodities for everyday use, which is truly rewarding. Not to mention that taking a technology through the commercialisation journey is exciting and the applications we find are really impressive – the possibilities are endless.

I thrive in a fast-paced environment, where new ideas can be harnessed and realised for the good of society.

I’m animal mad and value all living things in the world. There is an entire universe of phenomena out there, discovery is our adventure and sharing it, through innovation and exploitation, is one of the most important things we can do.

Living in a historic market town, nestled within a forestry network of woodlands and green spaces, I spend a lot of my spare time on the nature trails, hiking along the sandstone ridge or meandering along the river with our Labrador.