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rhiannon rae

Rhiannon Rae

Marketing Assistant

I am very passionate about making a change and using my skills to positively impact society, which is why I love working at Ploughshare.

After running social media and various marketing campaigns throughout school, college and university, I started working for a tech company building websites and applications. I initiated the marketing to supply clients with an additional service to help boost their brand awareness. However, due to being very passionate about wanting to impact society positively, I felt that Ploughshare would provide me with the opportunity to do this as they aim to make innovations real.

My role within the company is to run the social media – increasing brand awareness, event management and assisting the marketing manager with various campaigns. I thoroughly enjoy working in a team that values one another and care about making a positive impact as much as I do.

In my spare time, you’ll find me surrounded by younger siblings or tucked up in a café with a good book.