The People

Ploughshare 3rdOct 0300

Sayan Bakshi

Commercialisation Manager

I am fascinated by how our understanding of the simple laws of nature gives rise to the complexity we see around us and how much progress this understanding has allowed our civilisation to make in the last few decades.

Having studied mechanical engineering at university, I gained an appreciation of the clever ways we can solve seemingly impossible problems with innovation, teamwork and persistence. I worked in R&D in an engine manufacturing company for several years where I gained a breadth of knowledge in various aspects of engineering and science, but most importantly I made some fond memories, developed an appreciation of teamwork and made some lifelong friends.

I became interested in the commercial aspects of technology towards the latter half of my career and did an MBA before working in marketing and product management where I led various marketing plans and managed product portfolios. I also have a keen interest in statistics, data science, and cybersecurity, and it is this mix of interests and skills that helps me bring innovations from various scientific disciplines into the hands of users and make a positive impact to our society and people’s lives.

Outside of work I like to dabble in various hobbies. I have a keen interest in classic sports cars and vintage clothing. I have also quite recently taken up cooking and plan to master a few basic dishes in the next few weeks and months!