Staff Recognised for Recent License Deals


Published 29th April 16

Following recent significant licensing deals achieved by Ploughshare Innovations, awards were presented at the Ploughshare board meeting to Jim Ashe and James Monks of Ploughshare and Graham Farnsworth of Dstl.

The awards were presented by Piers White, Ploughshare Innovations Chairman, and David English, Dstl Finance Director and Ploughshare Board member.

Jim Ashe and Graham Farnsworth were presented with an award in recognition of their contribution and efforts in licensing the MBOC satellite technology to the European Commission for use in the Galileo satellite system.

The Multiplex Binary Offset Carrier (MBOC) spreading modulation technique can be adopted as the baseline for the EU Galileo and USA GPS III signals and is designed to ensure compatibility between the two systems and improvements which allow interference levels to be reduced and performance to be increased.

James Monks and Jim Ashe had their achievements recognised for their roles in the recent licensing of the CESMO software to 3SDL Ltd.

Dstl has been using 3SDL to develop Collaborative Electronic Support Measures Operations (CESMO) software, which is already used by EW development teams in many nations for both research and standards development. CESMO HUB V6 will be the first operational version of the software package that allows NATO and its Allies to collaborate automatically in the sharing of vital EW data in near-real-time. Connecting easily with ground, air and maritime systems using existing networks, CESMO HUB provides a simple, quick and effective way of identifying and tracking radar and communications emitters.

James Kirby, Ploughshare CEO, commented:

Jim, James and Graham were major contributors to the successful licensing of CESMO and MBOC and it is a pleasure to be able to recognise their efforts in bringing Dstl technology to industry and for wider benefit.

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