Counterfeiting is an issue for metal components across a wide range of industries, leading to the development of strengthened security technology with both overt and discreet anti-counterfeiting features.

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The secure and quick verification of the authenticity of metal parts is an issue for numerous industries. Parts can change ownership many times in a typical supply chain, so there is a need for a robust and secure system that can prevent the introduction of fake or otherwise illegal parts. Counterfeit and fake parts that don’t meet the required specification can cause major issues, such as a loss of reputation, cost of failure (especially in safety-critical components), and risk to life.

Current security solutions such as RF ID tags and Optical Variable Devices (such as hologram labels) need to be physically attached to each component. However, these can easily be removed or replaced, and are also vulnerable to harsh environments. Surface printing, such as with fluorescent or magnetic ink, offers a more covert security approach, but can also be removed mechanically or chemically.

The solution

The High Security Feature (HSF) is a patented technology which provides the next generation of discreet metal anti-counterfeiting. The taggant particles (chemical or physical markers added to materials to allow various forms of testing) used in this technology are tightly controlled and impossible to replicate. This proven solution is already applied to billions of items manufactured already.

Key benefits

  • This technology is highly secure. HSF cannot be removed physically (i.e. by abrasion), or chemically without significant visible damage to the object.
  • HSF offers a flexible and individually tailored solution for absolute assurance where it matters most.
  • The presence of HSF is determined by the use of special optical detectors that provide fast, automatic and unambiguous authentication.
  • HSF provides permanent verification throughout the lifetime of parts, including parts held in long-term storage and those moved through the supply chain.
  • This technology can be applied to a wide range of metallic substrates including stainless steel, engineering alloys, aluminium, and precious metals.
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Potential applications

HSF is suitable for any application where counterfeit metal parts could cause a safety risk, risks to life, financial risks, or reputational damage. It is an ideal solution for industries with legal compliance requirements for proving the authenticity of parts in the supply chain.

The potential applications for this technology are broad, and include:

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Aerospace, space, and satellite

This technology can help to authenticate any electroplated component or system, including turbine blades, engine parts, landing gear, critical sub-components, and more.

Metal and automotive manufacturing

Remove counterfeited metal parts in metal production to eliminate costly mistakes, potential reputational damage, and increase the safety of the products produced.

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Nuclear applications

Ensure the authentication of genuine parts and components in the nuclear industry to reduce the risk of outages and to ensure legal and regulatory compliance.


Defence and military applications

Secure the verification of metal products produced to increase user safety and protect human life

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