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A portfolio of novel technologies for breaching mine casings, low order disposal of conventional munitions, elimination of hazardous material, and rendering safe Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs).

Neutralisation tools currently employed almost universally trace their origins to 1970s technology, for which there are performance limits, stemming from the trade-off required to ensure neutralisation without full detonation.

Disruptor portfolio summary

Seven inventions are included in this portfolio, including a modular EOD disruptor, an alternative method of device breaching and a disruptor for firing supercavitating projectiles underwater.

This collection of complementary technologies offers an alternative approach, with more than a step change improvement over current equipment, providing various options for rendering safe improvised explosive devices (IEDs), including:

  • A system for firing shaped charges as an array in order to achieve a volume disruption effect with minimal variability between each charge.
  • A small calibre shaped charge where the shaped charge jet can be manipulated.
  • A disruptor that can be adapted to provide liquid jet geometries tailored to different threats.
  • A disruptor for firing supercavitating projectiles underwater, with the option for non-explosive driven systems.
  • A modular EOD disruptor.
  • Tools to give higher assurance in the low order neutralisation of air dropped munitions including legacy World War remnants on UK mainland and in territorial waters.