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A new design of evidence bag that allows materials to be collected without the need for gloves, whilst minimising contamination risk.

Evidence bags are used to recover forensic evidence and preserve the integrity of exhibits whilst transported or stored. Existing evidence bags require meticulous protocols, can be awkward to manipulate, and require the user to wear gloves. This new design developed by Dstl is easier to use and permits evidence collection without the need for gloves.

Evidence collection requires meticulous protocols to ensure exhibits are not contaminated. Currently, users are required to repeatedly change gloves to mitigate the risk of secondary DNA transfer. There are few exceptions, such as if time is of the essence or there is an imminent threat to life.

Current evidence bags can be difficult to manipulate and turn inside out to use the bag to pick up the evidence. This is accentuated in warm climates where the bag’s sides may stick together, and in situations where the individual may be required to wear personal protective equipment, such as combat gloves.

This new evidence bag design permits evidence to be easily collected by an individual without gloves, whilst minimising the likelihood of cross-contamination.


  • Simple to Use — ergonomic design simplifies the evidence recovery process and reduces the training burden.
  • Flexible  — can be used with other personal protective equipment.
  • Faster Evidence Collection — no need to don gloves or wait for a specialist team.
  • Low Cost — the design is simple, cost-effective and requires fewer consumables.
  • Minimises Cross-contamination — evidence is less likely to contact the top of the bag.
  • Minimises Secondary DNA Transfer — gloves do not need to be changed.
  • Reduces Hazardous Waste Disposal — fewer consumables come into contact with hazardous substances.

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