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Enhance the image analysis capabilities and potential image sources for GIS software.

The rapid growth in the demand for geospatial image analysis has resulted in the need for more capable Geographic Information System (GIS) software. Existing GIS software can be limited when there is a requirement to rapidly process large numbers of images of varying quality, weather conditions, and timestamps.

MATISSE overcomes these limitations and also delivers huge improvements in the accuracy and speed of processing to enhance the capabilities of your geospatial image analysis. It provides an extension to your GIS software to allow automated image registration, object recognition and change detection using multiple image sources.


  • Converts a two-hour manual process into a two minute, fully automated process
  • Delivers high accuracy, even with very large data sets and old reference imagery
  • Effective with large viewing angle variations, weather and lighting conditions
  • Compatible with multiple sensors (optical, SAR etc.)


  • Environmental – agriculture, ecology, conservation, climate change
  • Transportation – planning, logistics
  • Science – astronomy, meteorology, archaeology, water/energy management
  • Security – border security, anti-smuggling, emergency response