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Create individual training programmes to allow faster and safer heat acclimatisation.

Athletes and the military often require acclimatisation in hot environments to improve their performance. Training schedules that are safe, efficient and get individuals acclimatised quickly are difficult to undertake as core temperature is difficult to measure. This app estimates core temperature and provides individual heat acclimatisation training programmes.

Whether in a sporting or occupational context, the time available for acclimatisation is always limited. It is essential, therefore, that the time allocated is used efficiently and progress is measurable.

Jointly developed by the Royal Navy and the U.S. Army, the Individual Heat Acclimatisation Training Tool (iHATT) prevents heat illness by helping athletes safely adapt to hot environments as fast as possible. iHATT allows an individual to push themselves within their optimal limits so they become acclimatised as fast as possible.


  • Safer Acclimatisation — core temperature is raised and then monitored and maintained to reduce the risk of heat illness.
  • Faster Acclimatisation — the improved management of core temperature gives earlier, improved acclimatisation.
  • Easy to Use — a conventional wearable device can be worn by the athlete/soldier making it unobtrusive to wear and intuitive to use.
  • Individualised Acclimatisation — the tool allows for individual training programmes which, during the course of the training, adapt to the trainee’s progress.
  • Practical — using an app makes the estimate of core temperature more practical and cost effective compared with taking rectal measurements or using telemetry pills.


It can be used with different exercises such as running, cycling (ergometer), circuit training, stepping or rowing in a hot environment.

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