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Flexible and disposable system to allow the easy analysis of samples that require isolation and containment.

Current equipment to isolate sensitive or hazardous samples for microscopy are expensive, occupy significant lab space and are time-consuming to prepare and use. This new system provides a disposable, flexible and easy alternative for samples which require containment.

This new sample containment system, developed by material scientists at the UK’s Atomic Weapons Establishment (AWE), overcomes the drawbacks of using a fume hood or glove box and offers a lost cost alternative to quickly allow samples to be prepared for analysis.


  • Reduces Risk to Analyst — suitable for contaminants, contagions, and hazardous samples to protect the technician.
  • Sample Protection — creates an inert atmosphere to protect sensitive samples from the environment.
  • Equipment Agnostic — can be used with any microscope or spectrometer and is not specific to any particular instrument or manufacturer.
  • Flexible and Portable — samples can be prepared within the containment “bubble” in one location and be easily moved elsewhere for analysis / storage.
  • Easy to Use — avoids the need to use complex and difficult to setup equipment. Samples can also be easily swapped or manipulated / repositioned if required.

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