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A software tool which collects images from multiple feeds to provide information about a situation or location.

Billions of images are taken every day and can be a useful source of information when collated. From event experiences and crowd monitoring to coordination in disaster zones, Real-time Image Collator provides relevant images to aid decision making.

Real-time Image Collator is a software tool that collects filtered images from chosen feeds and presents them with geolocation data to the end user. The subject of the images are not analysed, rather, it is a tool to aid decision making by providing a collection of images that match a chosen search criteria (i.e. keywords, time, location).


  • Global Reach — the system can take inputs from a number of sources hosted on the Internet to provide situational awareness from potentially any location.
  • Real-time — images are processed in real-time to allow rapid decision making. As further images are made available the image collection automatically refreshes.
  • Targeted — the image collection can be filtered to focus on a particular time frame, keywords or location(s).
  • Multiple Searches — a number of searches can run concurrently to refine or broaden the image collation as required.


  • Event experience Apps
  • Emergency response
  • Crowd management
  • Image library research for news / media