Unleashing The UK’s Innovation Capability to Support our National Interests – The D Group


Published 6th February 24

We are pleased to share our new report ‘Unleashing The UK’s Innovation Capability to Support our National Interests’ developed in collaboration with The D Group.

This project aims to support the strategic alignment of the traditional (Military, Government and Industry) and non-traditional defence stakeholders (Venture Capital, Entrepreneurs and Academia). International competitors can develop and adopt innovation faster than the UK given their faster moving, more responsive innovation ecosystems.

We are in a period of rapid change, and if the UK is to keep pace, it must reorient its innovation ecosystem. The purpose of this project is to help crystalise some short-medium term goals, shifting incentives and mobilising the innovation ecosystem towards agility and collaboration.

The research included over 30 in-depth interviews and evidence gathering sessions. These were conducted with individuals and organisations from across the innovation ecosystem, including defence primes and SMEs, MOD, academia, investors and consultancies.

Access the report here.

And, if you would like to discuss the findings further, share your thoughts or join us at events where we will explore the themes of this research in depth, please contact us: info@ploughshare.co.uk.