Celebrating National ‘My Whole Self Day’


Published 14th March 23

By Becca Rose, HR Co-ordinator at Ploughshare

We are proud to celebrate national ‘My Whole Self Day’ today. This campaign, from Mental Health First Aid (MHFA), strives to improve work cultures and empower employees to feel safe bringing their whole selves to work, driving diversity and inclusion along with health and wellbeing.

At Ploughshare, we strongly believe in embracing authenticity in the workplace, and our company culture has been built and developed with this at the forefront. We want everyone to be comfortable enough to share their personal life, interests, and fears – including asking for help when they need it.

Being able to bring your whole self to work unlocks the ability to create a better work environment for all of our people, and more positive and genuine experiences for each individual. Transparency is highly important to us at Ploughshare, and allowing our colleagues to embody this alongside authenticity really encompasses who we are and why we are here.

To help us further bring this value to life, we have recently completed an Insights Discovery course for all existing colleagues, as well as arranging upcoming courses for our new starters on an ongoing basis. This personality test-based course has created a common language amongst the team and has enabled us to further build the foundation for strong communication, as well as increasing self-awareness amongst employees and allowing us to better know and understand one another.

In addition, we have recently improved our onboarding programme to ensure our people have a high-quality experience from the moment they apply for a position. We really value feedback at Ploughshare, and have regular check-ins to ensure our newest members of the team are acclimatising well to their new role and work environment.

We at Ploughshare will continue to work in alignment with this important ethos, helping our team feel empowered to be their true authentic selves every day.