Trimax offer highly specialised, user-focussed equipment and bespoke training to worldwide Defence and Security partners. Services include Consultancy, Training, Exercise Support, Equipment Supply, Maintenance & Calibration, and Development, Testing & Evaluation.

Trimax products are engineered to exacting standards, delivering the highest level of confidence for users when faced with the most challenging situations. From making electronic diagnostics for EOD applications simple to introducing rapid resistance substitutions (with nano-second timings) and assuring DC voltage measurement and replication, with voltage current probe attachments boasting unique features – Trimax offer a range of specialist equipment.



Technology Licensed

  • MA009 – High Voltage Discharge Tool (HVDT)
  • MA020 – High Voltage Management Kit (HVMK)
  • MA031 – Voltage Duplication Tool (VDT)
  • MA036 – Drill RPM Meter MA045 – Drill, Tap and Lift Kit
  • MA044 – Resistance Duplication Tool (RDT)
  • MA043 – EOD Multimeter / DC Meter (DCM)
  • MA046 – Wire Attack Kit (VIPA)
  • MA034 & MA035 – High Accuracy Aiming Kit
  • MA032 – Digital Biscuit Analysis Tool (DBAT)
  • MA033 – Ultrasonic Analysis Tool (USAT)

Primary contact at Licensee

Mick Simpkin & Julian Paice

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