The People


Lily Chan

Commercialisation Manager

I am passionate about being able to deliver impact from disseminating early stage research and technology through commercialisation. Academically, I studied Medicinal Chemistry and Chemical Biology before transitioning to the world of technology transfer where I felt better able to facilitate the benefits of research to society.

There is still part of me that feels like a scientist at heart and for that reason, I love working with some of the smartest minds to realise the potentials of their inventions and partner with leading market leaders across different sectors to make this happen.

In my previous role at Cambridge Enterprise I oversaw the management of the Research Tools portfolio and saw a doubling of annual licensing revenues through the fostering of new business relationships and diversifying licensing models to ensure we could transfer the technology to the relevant users. During that time, I completed over 600 licensing deals and consultancy contracts, implemented new business processes and expanded our capabilities on software commercialisation.

Outside of work, I enjoy taking part in competitive sports, high intensity impact training and weight training to balance out my enjoyment of good food and wine. Whilst not being able to satisfy my wanderlust due to the pandemic, my creative spark for painting and drawing has been reignited which allows me to travel and explore in other ways.