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Electronic Warfare (EW) equipment has traditionally employed large vertical omnidirectional antennas. However, they present operational challenges for their users as they are low gain, highly visible, and can limit manoeuvrability in operational environments.

The solution

This new body worn antenna system overcomes these limitations, increases performance and reduces cost.

The gains of more than one directional antenna are combined to deliver higher gain and more consistent omnidirectional coverage as compared to large vertical omnidirectional antennas.

This configuration maximises radiation efficiency which enables a higher power on target, greater range, and/or longer battery endurance / lower weight depending on the system drivers.

Key benefits

  • Higher and more consistent gain
  • Higher power on target, greater range, and/or longer battery endurance
  • Greater robustness and less prone to snagging
  • Low manufacturing costs owing to simple design
  • Discreet antenna reduces visual signature

Potential applications

  • Defence and security
  • Search and rescue
  • Specialist civilian applications
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