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A low-cost dynamic pressure sensor that allows instantaneous measurements to be taken in multiple directions simultaneously.

Calculating the forces during an explosion is a difficult task – especially when it occurs inside a building as the directional sensors may not be correctly positioned to account for the various reflections that take place. This new sensor can measure blast flow in any direction, making it much easier to position and in turn gives more accurate results.

The new sensor overcomes the positioning issues experienced with current devices by being able to measure fluid flow in several directions simultaneously. The sensor is also particularly suited to measurements in turbulent environments where rapid and often unpredictable changes in speed and direction of fluid flow can occur.


  • Easy to Position — avoids the need to accurately predict the blast flow due to its ability to measure fluid flow in several directions at once.
  • Range of Parameters — many fluid flow parameters can be measured; both static and dynamic pressures can be easily derived.
  • Versatile — the design can be optimised and scaled for different applications, e.g. to accommodate different measurement ranges.
  • Simple and Robust — sensor has no moving parts and is suitable for harsh environments or where maintenance is difficult.


Although originally developed for improved blast flow measurement, the sensor has the potential to be used in other applications.

It could, for example, also measure flow where traditional anemometers would not work. It is particularly suited for rapidly changing and short duration flow sensing where a fast response is required.

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